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Hey , ready to attract Abundance?

In this 4-part video training series you will activate your self-worth, clear limiting beliefs around money and attract abundance!

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EFT Activate Self-Worth & Step into Your Power

1 Lessons

This is an EFT practice to help you activate your self-worth and boost your confidence so you can step into your power!

EFT Stop Self Sabotage & Get Out of Your Own Way

1 Lessons

This is an EFT Tap-along to help you stop self-sabotaging patterns and get out of your own way. 

Attract Abundance Meditation

1 Lessons

This meditation will help you attract abundance in your life.

It includes:
- Binaural beats
- Affirmations
- Lakshmi mantra
- H'oponopono practice


Master Class & Belief Clearing: Clearing the Path to Abundance

1 Lessons

Experience powerful belief clearing so you can attract abundance with ease!